Coffee drips into cup from machine

If you’re looking to boost employee productivity, care for the health of your workers and provide your business with a tasty breakroom option, a coffee brewing system can accomplish it all. At Perkaroma, the top option for breakroom supplies in New York and New Jersey, we make choosing the right coffee machine for your office easy.

With the many proven health benefits that come with drinking coffee, now is the perfect time to invest in your employees. Whether it be a bean-to-cup coffee brewer or a commercial coffee maker, our services at Perkaroma will match your needs. With five major categories of coffee systems and a number of options for each system, we can transform your breakroom.

Learn more about the different options below before contacting us for a free demo of your perfect coffee brewer.

Bean-to-cup coffee

If you want to bring a little piece of your favorite coffee shop into your business’ breakroom, a bean-to-cup coffee machine is the right choice. A system which grinds coffee beans before each use, the aroma and quality of the coffee produced will make you feel right at home before even taking a sip.

We service de jong Duke bean-to-cup coffee makers, giving you the highest quality for your office. With its high coffee bean-holding capacity and easy cleaning options, de jong Duke coffee makers are a must for your breakroom supplies. Let us install your machine today!

Glass and Insulated Carafe Brewed Coffee

Looking to have coffee stay fresh and hot for long periods of time? Try an insulated carafe coffee brewer from Bunn to supply your employees with a long-lasting pick-me-up. Its easy-to-use functionality makes it simple for any employee to brew coffee.

Bunn’s double-wall, vacuum-insulated thermal carafe ensures your pot of coffee will stay warm long past the original brew. Don’t waste time waiting for your coffee to brew throughout the day; just brew one large pot and trust it will stay warm for hours.

Cartridge Brewed Coffee

An increasingly popular choice for coffee drinkers everywhere, single-serve cartridge coffee makers offer employees a simple, delicious way to enjoy their coffee. Flavored cartridges ensure you get exactly what you want in your personal cup of coffee without over- or under-brewing. 

We offer cartridge brewing coffee machines from Keurig, Flavia, Tassimo and Bunn, allowing you to choose the proper coffee maker for your office. Plus, with Perkaroma’s trusted restocking service, you can leave it up to us to make sure your breakdown never runs out of coffee pods!

Brewer-Grinder Combos

With a coffee grinder and brewer combination machine, employees have more freedom for their coffee preferences. Not only will drinkers enjoy the aromatic sensation of freshly ground coffee, they can also customize the drink to their likeness.

With Bunn’s combo coffee maker, you can pick between a single cup versus a whole carafe. Plus, adjust the coarseness of your grinder and the strength you’d like to get the best cup of coffee possible.

European Espresso Machines

Espressos are one of the most beloved coffee drinks for a number of reasons. Whether it be the low calorie count, rich and bold flavor or unparalleled jolt of energy, espresso shots often offer just what someone is looking for.

With a wide range of espresso machines offered, Perkaroma is ready to give your company an espresso-like boost. Whether you select the Nespresso, Lavazza or Illy espresso maker, you’ll love drinking a perfectly balanced espresso every single time.

With a plethora of coffee machines available for your business’ use, Perkaroma can fulfill all needs surrounding your breakroom supplies. Test out one of our coffee roasters today to take your breakroom to the next level.