If you own a business, you already know how costly office supplies and breakroom supplies can be. When you spend too much money on things like office snacks, printer ink, pens, tape, and cleaning supplies, you’re spending money that could be used investing in your business’ growth. That’s why we recommend keeping your office inventory under control with an office supply delivery company.

Perkaroma is proud to offer an automatic restocking program to businesses across New York and New Jersey. Whether you need snacks or groceries delivered to your breakroom, office supplies stocked in your supply closet, or regular cleaning supply delivery to keep your workplace spick and span, we can help.

What Is Automatic Restocking?

An automatic restocking program is a convenient way for your business to ensure the products you use most are in-house when you need them. This can include office supplies, like paper products, breakroom supplies, like coffee and snacks, hot and cold beverages, and cleaning and shipping supplies.

How Does It Work?

When you sign up for an automatic restocking program with Perkaroma, we’ll take the time to speak with you about your office restocking needs before recommending the best service with us. If an automatic restocking program makes sense for your business, we’ll discuss the types of products you’d like to have automatically delivered to your office.

From there, our staff will deliver the office supplies or breakroom supplies you need to your business at a convenient time. We don’t just drop off boxes and call it a day either — we’ll take the time to carefully unpack everything and put items in their proper drawers, shelves, or closets, so you can stay organized. Next, our staff will evaluate your current inventory for any items that may be low in stock. We’ll handle the reordering process, so you can keep focusing on your business.

Depending on the amount that you spend, the frequency that you would like us to visit, and the amount of pantries you would like us to service, our automatic restocking program could be performed at little to no cost. Interested in learning more? Contact us today.

Why Use Our Automatic Restocking Program?

Greater Efficiency & Productivity In Operations

When your business has the office supplies it needs, it functions like a well-oiled machine. When you run out of printer paper before a big conference meeting, however, it can throw your whole day into a tizzy. An automatic restocking program, like Perkaroma’s, can help you manage your stock levels to keep your business cash flow positive. Our automatic restocking program is available for breakroom supplies, office snacks, cold drinks, and more. If you work in the healthcare, beauty, or pharmaceutical industries, this can come in handy for managing product expiry dates.

Proper Stock Rotation = Less Work For You

Signing up for an automatic restocking program is an easy way to take some work off of your plate. Whether you’re the CEO, office manager, or front desk intern, hiring a company like Perkaroma to handle your stock rotation will allow you more time to work on other things, like growing the business.

Save Money

Purchasing bulk office supplies can save you money in the long run, which any business owner will be happy to hear (as buying office supplies at retail prices can really add up). With an automatic restocking program, you won’t have to worry about making speedy trips to the office supply store down the street because you will always have what you need in your inventory.

As your one source for your business supply needs in New York and New Jersey, Perkaroma can help you make your office more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. If you’re interested in learning more about our automatic restocking program, contact our team today.