If the first thing you think about in the morning is how quickly you can get a cup of coffee — this blog is for you. However you like to get your caffeine rush, strong, mild, latte, espresso, ristretto, Americano, cappuccino, affogato, the list goes on, coffee is a delicious way to give us a little pep in our step. And for many Americans, it’s the only way we can function in any meaningful way at work. But other than giving us a boost of energy, coffee actually has a variety of health benefits.

At Perkaroma, we love our coffee just as much as you. And because we know how important caffeine is on a Monday morning, we wanted to make getting it quickly and conveniently as easy as possible. Perkaroma is proud to deliver a variety of breakroom supplies right to your office, including coffee! From nutritional snacks, fresh fruit and vegetables, and even thousands of office supplies, we make work life as efficient and affordable. So before you buy bags of expensive coffee at the grocery store for your office, learn more about how Perkaroma can deliver your supply of coffee right to your work space.

Reasons Why Coffee is Good For You

Boosts Your Workout Performance

According to a study, caffeine can help improve your endurance while working out! Drink a single cup of black coffee about an hour before you hit the gym and the extra adrenaline will help you power through your workout.

Helps Lose Weight

According to an article published in the Harvard School of Public Health, coffee contains magnesium, which can improve how insulin and glucose are metabolized in the body. In fact, according to the same article, habitual coffee drinkers are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. So the next time you’re craving a sugary snack in the morning, reach for a cup of coffee instead! Just go easy on the cream and sugar.

Improves Focus

This is the reason why we like to drink coffee, right? Depending on the coffee bean, how it was roasted, and your personal reaction to caffeine, drinking one to six cups a day helps focus and improves mental alertness. Everyone does react differently to coffee, however, so one cup for Sally might feel the same as three cups for Paul. When anyone drinks too much coffee, it could lead to feeling jittery and can irritate the stomach.

Lowers the Risk of Death

From the same Harvard article, “an association was found between drinking moderate amounts of coffee and lower risk of early death.” A study that included 200,000 participants, studied over the course of 30 years, those who drank three to five cups of coffee were 15% less likely to die early from a variety of causes, including cardiovascular disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Reduces Risk of Cancer

Drinking coffee can increase the production of bile acids and helps to increase the speed of digestion in the colon. These factors reduce the number of carcinogens that the colon is exposed to. There was, at one point, a theory that coffee actually caused cancer, however, cancer experts disputed this due to antioxidant properties in coffee which reduces inflammation and helps prevent cancer.

Reduces the Risk of Stroke

Regular coffee drinkers may have a lower risk of developing heart disease and having a stroke. There have been many studies completed, both large and small, that show significant decreases in the risk of stroke for coffee drinkers as opposed to non-drinkers. Studies looked at both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee as well as tea and soda.

The makeup of coffee has incredible effects on the body, both short- and long-term. So even though we typically only drink coffee in the morning so that we can function at work and get through the day, it also has benefits for us in the long run!

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