In today’s hiring market, companies are becoming more and more creative when it comes to employee perks in order to attract the top talent. In fact, a Glassdoor 2015 Employment Confidence Survey found that 60 percent of people consider workplace benefits to be a major factor in considering whether to accept a job offer or not. The survey also found that 80 percent of all employees would choose additional benefits over a pay raise.

Google is one of the most famous companies known for offering incredible employee perks like lunches cooked by professional chefs, yoga classes, and even haircuts. Twitter is another business that offers great perks, such as on-site acupuncture and improvisation classes.

You may be wondering how a business that isn’t Google-sized may be able to offer such amazing employee perks. After all, professionally catered meals do come at a cost. The good news is that you don’t need to break the bank to offer attractive extras at your workplace.

At Perkaroma, we believe that the office doesn’t have to feel like work all the time, which is why we’re dedicated to helping businesses across New York and New Jersey create a more comfortable environment for their employees. From office supplies to premium coffee services and cleaning supplies, we offer unique programs like automatic restocking and managed breakroom supply services, so you can focus on what’s really important: running your business.

Employee Perks To Consider For Your Company

Premium Coffee Service

Did you know that coffee is one of the most valuable traded commodities in the world, just second to oil? A hot cup of premium coffee is the perfect way for your employees to start their day, and it can help keep employees attentive and productive throughout the workday.

Recent studies have revealed that employees feel high quality coffee offered by employers is an important workplace perk.

If you haven’t already invested in a quality coffee machine, you may want to do so. There are a number of incredible coffee brewers and commercial machines on the market today, and at Perkaroma, we can help you manage your coffee inventory and stay up to date on the maintenance of your coffee machines.

Some of our most popular office coffee machines and brewers include:

De Jong Duke Coffee Machines

De Jong Duke is a Dutch manufacturer of coffee equipment and they have more than 50 years of experience building and developing some of the best coffee machines around. They rely on the principles of innovation, design, and reliability with all of their products, so you can feel confident investing in their coffee machines for your office.

At Perkaroma, we’re proud to offer New York and New Jersey companies with an array of commercial coffee machines, including a variety of brewers from De Jong Duke like the Virtu Bean 2 Cup Brewer and the Nio Bean 2 Cup Brewer.

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Bunn Coffee Machines

BUNN® has grown into a global coffee brand that has become a trusted partner of choice for home coffee brewers and commercial coffee equipment. The company has built their business on a humble passion for making it simple to create premium coffee in every cup, for every occasion.

Bunn Twin Infusion Series Coffee Brewer

If you’re looking for the perfect coffee brewer for the office, you’ll love the Bunn Twin Infusion Series Coffee Brewer from Perkaroma. This stainless steel coffee brewer features two separate brewers, and each brewer has three separate brewing buttons for incredible coffee customization. There are also two programmable switches that offer full or half batch brewing options, depending on how thirsty your employees are. With the help of an energy saver mode, you can reduce tank pressure and conserve electricity during idle periods. The display can also quickly switch between Spanish and English for optimal programming control.

Bunn Automatic Coffee Brewer With Three Warmers

This coffee brewer is perfect for any small- to medium-sized office. Equipped with BrewWIZARD technology, this coffee brewer simplifies the brewing process with an LED display, a set brew level, and tank temperature control. It also features an automatic warmer shut off and an energy saver mode to help you save on energy bills. If you have a small breakroom at your office, this is the perfect coffee machine to help you save space since it has two additional warmers on top of the machine.

Bunn Coffee Grinder with One Hopper

While commercial coffee machines are wonderful, you may also want to consider investing in a Bunn Coffee Grinder for your office. This efficient coffee grinder with one hopper will give you all of the premium coffee taste and aromatics you pay for with fresh-roasted coffee beans. Unlike other coffee grinders on the market, that pulverize coffee beans into small pellets, the precision milled burrs in the Bunn grinder will actually shave the beans into a size and shape that allows for maximum flavor extraction during the brewing cycle. Powered by a quiet, high-torque motor, you don’t have to worry about this coffee grinder disrupting your employees while they work.

Snack & Breakroom Delivery Service

As a business owner, you likely already know that improved health makes for happier and more productive employees. Today, supporting good health in the workplace can be a key factor when it comes to attracting, nurturing, and retaining the very best talent. When you provide your employees with healthy office snacks, it will go a long way towards increasing engagement, innovations, and morale and a surprisingly low cost. There are many benefits to offering nutritious and healthy snacks to your employees, including:

It brings people together. Healthy employees are happy employees, and providing a snack delivery service for your workplace is a great way to bring people together. Food can be a great ice breaker, and sitting down to eat a snack can be a wonderful excuse to spend more time with coworkers. When you have a fully-stocked breakroom, it allows a place for your employees to talk shop with less stress that can ultimately lead to better collaboration in the office.

It shows appreciation. Let’s face it: all employees want to feel appreciated. When a company makes sure that their employees are well-stocked with healthy snack options, they feel like the company truly cares about their happiness.

Save employee time and money. As you may already know, making a trip to Starbucks everyday for your morning java and scone can add up. When your employees take a break and head down to the local coffee shop for that afternoon pick-me-up, they are spending more time away from their desks. When you offer premium coffee and snacks in your New York or New Jersey office, you don’t have to worry about your employees taking time away from their work to grab a snack.

It improves focus and can decrease sick days. Looking for an easy way to keep your employees healthy? Do you want to minimize the amount of sick days in the office? By providing an array of healthy snacks to your employees, you can help them stay focused during the work day, while also reducing the amount of sick days. Keeping your staff healthy will lead to less illness and fatigue, so it’s always a good idea to keep healthy breakroom snacks on-hand.

Snack & Breakroom Supplies in New York & New Jersey

At Perkaroma, we’re passionate about helping small to large companies improve their employee culture and satisfaction through our snack delivery and managed breakroom services. With more than 50 years in the office supply and breakroom restocking industry, we have the skills and experience to meet the needs of each and every business we work with. Whether you’re looking for fresh fruit and yogurt delivery on Fridays, or you’d like to order healthy energy bars to keep your employees energized throughout the day, we’ve got just what you need.


Want to keep fresh fruit around for your employees to munch on? Perkaroma can offer blueberry delivery to your office on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. While this vibrant fruit may be small, each serving can pack a serious punch when it comes to nutrition. Blueberries are high in antioxidants that fight harmful free radicals in the body, as well as providing a myriad of other health benefits. One of the most impressive perks of blueberries is that they have the ability to enhance the brain. In a recent 2016 study that was published by the European Journal of Nutrition, consuming blueberries was found to improve cognitive performance, and they can even enhance the memory and focus of your employees.

Caveman Chocolate Almond Coconut Bars

Trick your employees into eating healthy with our Caveman Chocolate Almond Coconut Bars. This dreamy trio of sweet and salty flavors tastes just like your favorite candy bar, but delivers your body the nutrition it needs to stay on your A game. These paleo-friendly snack bars are certified non-GMO and contain no dairy, soy, or gluten (the perfect snack for employees with food allergies!).

Planters Variety Pack of Peanuts & Cashews

Satisfy your employee’s hunger pains with Planters Variety Pack of Peanuts and Cashews. With 24 bags per box, this nut assortment is bursting with flavor, and they make a great addition to any breakroom or office kitchen. The single-serving bags help to maintain freshness until it’s time to enjoy this savory snack. Free of cholesterol and trans fat, these peanuts and cashew packs are perfect for people on-the-go.

Snyder’s Traditional Pretzel Snaps

Our Snyder’s Traditional Pretzel Snaps are ideal for any breakroom or office space. Your employees can munch on them as they are, or dunk them in peanut butter for a protein-filled snack. These bite-sized pretzel will satisfy all of the salty cravings in your office, and with 0g of trans fat per serving, your employees can snack on them guilt-free.

Kind Healthy Grain Bars – Dark Chocolate Chunk

Kind has always been a company that chooses healthy, wholesome, and economically sustainable ingredients for their healthy grain bars. Our Dark Chocolate Chunk bars offer a unique combination of crunchy and chewy, and are made with five super grains including oats, millet, buckwheat, amaranth, and quinoa.

Office Supplies That Will Keep Your Employees Happy

There are hundreds of moving pieces in a successful business, and one of them is ensuring you have the office supplies you need, when you need it. When you invest in a managed office supply service, it can make all the difference between a chaotic office environment and a smooth one. If your business runs out of printer paper or other supplies during the day, it can severely interrupt the workflow in your office. With a solid vendor relationship and bulk ordering, you can help to prevent these interruptions and keep your team on task.

At Perkaroma, we offer a large and diverse selection of office supplies to keep your employees happy and your business on track. Some of our most popular office supply products include:

Universal® Manila File Folders

Our Universal Manila File Folders are a convenient way to organize your office. Made from durable 14 pt. stock to withstand frequent handling, you won’t have to worry about these file folders tearing or sagging down the line. These folders come in orders of 100, so you don’t have to worry about making frequent orders.

Universal Perforated Ruled Writing Pads

If your employees have to go on a scavenger hunt for writing pads, there’s a good chance they’ll get frustrated pretty fast. Our Universal Perforated Ruled Writing Pads are not only affordable, they feature excellent-quality sheet paper to take notes during meetings, conferences, and more. This 16-pound pack has 50 sheets of paper per pad and wide lines for easy use.

BIC Round Stic Ballpoint Pens

BIC has become a standard for office pens and supplies, and for good reason. Our BIC Round Stic Ballpoint Pens feature a lightweight round barrel and ventilated cap for smooth writing. These ballpoint pens are designed for long-lasting dependability, and each box contains 60 pens. With this value pack, you can stock up on pens and save!

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