As a small business owner, your employees are the heart and soul of your company. They help you offer the best products and the best services to your customers. Some are client-facing, meaning their importance lies in relationship building. Some are finance gurus, meaning they are responsible for accounts receivable and accounts payable, payroll, and paying the bills. Some are innovators, designing new products and services. All work together to make your small business successful, profitable, and growing. Each one is important, and if one is not doing his or her job efficiently or timely, all suffer. Find out how to combat the decline in employee productivity in this blog post by Perkaroma, the leader in breakroom supplies and office snack delivery services in New York and New Jersey.


  • Unhappy employees. This is perhaps the biggest factor in the decline in employee productivity. If employees are unhappy, they are not engaged, they don’t put forth their best effort, and they are apt to become lackadaisical and indifferent to all around them. Usually, it’s only a matter of time before these employees leave, leading to high turnover and the cost of hiring and training a replacement.
  • Unsupported employees. Many employees feel they are just a number and are replaceable. They don’t feel like they are making a real impact in other people’s lives, and they don’t feel encouraged by their superiors. Many of us want to make a difference, and if we don’t feel that, we’ll leave for another opportunity.
  • Lack of breaks. Yes, that’s right. More employees are work-a-holics and sit at a computer all day long with just time to use the restroom and shove lunch down their throats. The more productive employees take breaks to allow their minds to rejuvenate and refresh.
  • The Internet. Despite our processes improving and becoming more efficient due to the growth of technology, technology is also our downfall. Many employees surf the internet while at work, shop online, watch sports, trade stocks, and Google what restaurant to visit after work. All of these minutes add up to hours and days over the course of the year — a huge number for small businesses.
  • Lack of transparency. With so many employees wanting to make a difference, the lack of transparency when it comes to the company’s goals is disconcerting. Lack of recognition plays into this as well. Throw in poor communication and supervision and employees can easily become discouraged.
  • Lack of direction and/or leadership. If there’s no clear defined purpose, mission, or proposition statement, your employees have a hard time being vested.


Employee productivity will remain high if employees are happy. Here are tips to increase overall employee happiness:

  • Invest in an office snack delivery program. Offering healthy snacks to your employees will go a long way toward employee happiness. Not only are you showing you care about your employees, but you are also showing you care about what your employees eat. This speaks volumes to employees who are struggling with their weight and can’t resist office donuts or the single mom who never has time to cook breakfast in the morning for herself as she shuffles her kids off to work before school or the swing-shift employee who has limited options at 4 AM. Perkaroma, an office snack delivery company, prides itself in providing healthy snacks, such as organic fruits, oatmeal, and protein bars, to offices in the New York and New Jersey areas.
  • Institute a wellness program. There are many ways you can encourage your employees to be healthy. From offering to pay for half of their gym membership to offering an incentive on their annual wellness check with their doctor, a company can further show they care by incentivizing employee care.
  • Offer flexible schedules. For many, the traditional 9-to-5 job does not work for them for a variety of reasons. Having built-in flex time or working remotely have become great ways to improve employee happiness. Being flexible with employee time-off requests such as for doctor’s appointments and kids’ activities is key to employee morale as well.
  • Vested interest in the company. While you’re never going to completely weed out those who are just at your company for the paycheck, giving employees a vested interest in the company, such as working on commission or even stock-sharing programs boosts employee morale.
  • Invest in training and/or personal development. Many people stagnate under the same monotonous tasks. When employees feel they are growing with the company and expanding their skill set, they are more likely to stay and more likely to work harder as well.
  • Don’t micromanage. Most people deem themselves self-sufficient individuals, capable of being able to know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Oversight is great, but if oversight morphs into control, employees become stressed and unhappy.


Increase perks. This is often more important than an increase in pay. There are so many ways to increase perks and make employees feel special, appreciated, and valued.

Here at Perkaroma, we do just that with all the services we offer. In addition to our office snack delivery service we detailed above, we also offer:

  • Office coffee service, where we offer name brand coffee with rotating flavors throughout the seasons. We also offer Coffee Brewers as well, another perk for your employees, so they can make specialty drinks. We provide K-cups, whole bean and ground coffee, coffee cartridges, and cold brew coffee selections.
  • Office supplies with automatic restocking options available. This keeps your employees happy because we all know the frustration caused when the copier is out of paper, there’s no envelopes to mail out important documents, or the stapler is out of staples. Besides the frustration, being out of necessary office supplies decreases employee productivity as a run to the nearest office supply store may be in order, depending on how important the task is.
  • Cleaning supplies with an automatic restocking option. We offer a variety of disinfectants available to keep your office work spaces clean and relatively germ-free and janitorial supplies to keep the floors clean when your coffee spills. We employ eco-friendly and green cleaning products to further support employee happiness and health.
  • Office grocery supplies, where we specialize in bakery goods, dairy products, and fresh fruits. Our office grocery supplies delivery service is especially appreciated by swing-shift employees who are too tired to make it to the grocery store as well as busy parents who are too tired to make it to the grocery store for an entirely different reason!

Perkaroma strives to be the best office supply store in New York and New Jersey. With our office snack delivery service, breakroom supplies, office coffee services, shipping supplies, and office grocery services, we aim to be your go-to company for all of your workplace needs. Our mission is to support your business and your employees by taking care of the “little” things, such as snacks, coffee, soap, envelopes, and groceries, so you can focus on serving your clientele with your services and/or products. Perkaroma offers the convenience of online ordering and automatic restocking and reordering services. We try to make your life as easy as possible. Contact us today!