For most people, the New Year holds hope. Hope for a better year if last year was tough. Hope to improve themselves in some way, be it to get physically fit, to improve their spiritual life, or to improve their financial situation by going back to school. New beginnings are full of excitement, enthusiasm, and energy. Perkaroma, an office delivery service in New York and New Jersey, aims to build a better workplace by delivering healthy office snacks, much-needed office supplies, and office groceries for important meetings. This year, Peraroma is encouraging businesses to begin offering healthy snacks and coffee to their employees to encourage and support the hope all of us hold for the New Year.


  • To promote and support a healthy lifestyle. The number one New Year’s resolution every year is to lose weight, get physically fit, and eat healthier. Gyms make the most money during the months of December through February as they capitalize on this resolution. Businesses can help their employees by providing healthy snack options instead of high-sugar, high-carbohydrate donuts, muffins, and snack cakes. Perkaroma offers office snack delivery of organic and non-organic fresh fruit and yogurt; single-serve and bulk dried fruit, nuts, and trail mixes; oatmeal in bulk; and an array of energy bars, from snacks to meal replacements, including KIND® and PowerBar® as a sample of our offerings. This not only improves employee morale, but it improves employee productivity since eating healthy foods will avoid the inevitable crash that comes with sugary foods.
  • To save your employees money. Perkaroma offers premium office coffee service, with coffees that rotates seasonally to provide variety. If you think of the average price of a latte, your employees may be spending $5 a day just on coffee. When you offer office coffee service, you’re saving your employees money even if they don’t know it. You are also improving productivity, as employees have readily available coffee throughout the day as an afternoon pick-me-up. One other often missed benefit is your employees are working more because they aren’t taking a break to run to the nearest coffee store. If you also offer office snacks for your employees, you are saving them money as well on expensive convenience food. Helping employees save more money (another popular New Year’s resolution) promotes their overall well-being.
  • To promote camaraderie. In office settings, it can be easy to go to your desk, do your job, and leave, with little to no real interaction with colleagues beyond a clarifying question asked or a courteous ‘hello’. However, if your office break room is full of healthy office snacks, aromatic coffee, and cold beverages such as cold brewed coffee, your employees will hang out during their breaks and talk to others. This promotes a better work environment as people are more comfortable with others, more questions asked and answered in a timely manner, and promotes your company culture as your employees realize their similarities.
  • To decrease turnover. Hiring employees is expensive and one of the biggest expenses to businesses, depending on the percentage. However, offering office coffee service and office snack delivery speaks volumes to not only an employee’s stomach, but also to his or her heart as well. It shows you care about your employees beyond just doing a job. It shows you care how your employees approach their work (with a full stomach and a clear mind without hunger pangs), how your employees are feeling (less stress and decision-making when it comes to snacks and meals), and how the little things do matter (like providing sugar for their coffee). All of this adds up to improve turnover.

When you take care of your employees, you will see the results paid back many fold in terms of productivity, turnover rate, word-of-mouth referrals to other potential employees, and a company culture that thrives, grows, and innovates. With our worlds so busy, having a warm cup of coffee after a morning of dealing with cat puke, a toddler who refuses to put her shoes on for preschool, and a flat tire you had to patch, means the world to that person. Instead of being on the wrong foot all day, odds are, that employee will still have a very productive day despite life falling apart around them — all because you cared enough to provide him or her with coffee that he or she didn’t have time to stop and get. The Internet opens the world to potential employees; so much so, you have to make your workplace different, or employees will go elsewhere.

Show you are different this New Year by offering office snacks and coffee service. Perkaroma offers office snack delivery and office coffee service in New York and New Jersey. Our mission is to help you build a better workplace through healthy snack alternatives, grocery delivery service, and office supplies delivered to your door. We want to help you maximize profits by doing the little things that add to monumental savings, huge brownie points in your employees’ minds, and a company culture that is the talk of town. Contact Perkaroma today for all your breakroom supplies today!