Without coffee, how many of us would see a decline in our productivity in the workplace? Coffee is one of the most unifying and ubiquitous products in the world, and offices all over the United States are lining their breakroom counters with coffee makers and coffee supplies to keep their employees happy, alert, and productive. While coffee is one of the most heavily consumed beverages on earth, many business owners still know very little about the factors that can make the difference between a great cup of joe and a mediocre one. From the variety of commercial coffee machines to the diverse selection of coffee beans available, it can be a challenge trying to decide on the best coffee to bring into the office.

At Perkaroma, we’re proud to provide our small to large business clients with some of the best coffee products available. Whether you’re looking for a new coffee maker to put in the breakroom or you need to order more coffee filters and stirrers, we’re confident you’ll love the vast array of office supplies and food service products that we offer. If you’re interested in learning more about our commercial coffee machines or you have questions regarding our products, contact us today!

Finding The Perfect Coffee Maker

For many of us, the day doesn’t begin until we indulge in our favorite cup of hot, delicious coffee. Whether your desire stems from coffee’s heavenly aroma or the burst of energy it provides you, investing in a quality coffee maker can do wonders for your employees. To help you make a smarter buying decision, our coffee gurus have come together to create an informative coffee buying guide for our customers. Once you reach the end of this post, you should be able to identify which type of coffee machine will be best for your business. A few questions to ask yourself before you start shopping are:

  • How Do You Take Your Coffee? Before you start looking at the various types of commercial coffee machines available, ask yourself how you like your coffee. Do you prefer the K-CupⓇ single-serve route, or do you prefer to grind the beans before you brew your joe? It’s important to understand how you like your coffee since not every coffee machine is built the same.
  • What Kind Of Coffee Do You Like? As you may already know, there are numerous coffee options available on the market today. While some people are fine sipping on a standard cup of coffee, other people prefer their beverage to be french pressed.

Types Of Commercial Coffee Makers

When it comes to choosing a commercial coffee maker, there are a variety of models from which to choose. Let’s take a look at some popular coffee machines below.

Drip Coffee Maker

One of the most common types of coffee machines you’ll find in breakrooms is the drip coffee machine. Many of these models come with a variety of bells and whistles, including automatic timers which can be programmed to have a hot cup of coffee waiting for you first thing in the morning. These machines often come with a glass or thermal carafe that will need to be filled with water in order to make the coffee. Once you pour the water through the coffee filter with ground up beans, all you’ll have to do is press the “brew” button to enjoy a warm cup of joe.

If you choose to purchase a drip coffee maker for your office, it’s important to know how to clean your coffee maker to ensure a long lifespan. Take the time to clean your coffee machine after each and every use, as previous flavors can affect the taste and aroma of your coffee. Make sure to clean the pot and remove old coffee grounds on a daily basis as well.

At Perkaroma, we’re proud to offer our small to large business customers with some of the best coffee machines available. Our Black Drip Coffee Maker is a staple in offices all over the US, and it can serve up to 12 cups of coffee at a time. If you’re looking for a coffee maker to support a larger operation, consider ordering one of our DeLonghi Drip Coffee Makers. This machine can make up to 14 cups of coffee and features a programmable timer. If you really want to go the extra mile, our Three-Burner Low Profile Institutional Coffee Maker can brew up to 36 cups at a time!

Cappuccino And Espresso Coffee Machines

For an even more enhanced coffee-brewing experience, you can invest in a cappuccino or espresso coffee machine for your office or breakroom. There are a few different models of these machines available. Let’s look at a few of the most popular below:

  • Pump Espresso Maker – This type of espresso machine uses a thermo block system of coils to make sure that the water reaches the perfect temperature for brewing and steaming purposes. If you like a touch of crema on your cappuccino, this coffee maker may be a great option for you.
  • Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker – For a more consistent espresso machine, consider investing in a semi-automatic espresso maker. These machines have the ability to turn off and heat up automatically whenever they detect a change in the temperature of the boiler. They also feature an automated pump that can be used to regulate and maintain pressure to provide you with a consistent blend of espresso.

When it comes to shopping for an espresso or cappuccino machine, Perkaroma offers a wonderful selection of commercial coffee makers sure to impress your employees. Our Super Automatic Espresso and Cappuccino Maker is a favorite among our customers. With the help of a built-in grinder, this coffee machine allows you to grind beans on the spot for the freshest cup of joe imaginable.

Coffee Bean Varieties

Once you’ve decided on the best commercial coffee machine for your business, it’s time to get down to beans. Coffee is a brewed beverage that is made from roasted beans of the coffee plant. Native to subtropical regions of Africa and Asia, the coffee bean has now been cultivated throughout Central and South America as well. Coffee beans tend to vary in size, shape, color, and flavor, depending on the region and conditions in which they were grown. Most regional varietals will fall within two main categories of coffee. Let’s take a look at each of them below.

  • Arabica – This type of coffee bean features a delicate flavor and low acidity. This variety of coffee tends to grow at higher altitudes, and it can be more difficult and costly to harvest. Since these beans require more labor, they tend to sell for a higher price.
  • Robusta – Robusta coffee often has a more acidic and harsh flavor than Arabica, with higher levels of caffeine. It can grow at lower altitudes, in hotter climates, and even in areas with little moisture. Since this type of coffee has fewer restrictions and a generally less desirable flavor, it can be purchased for a lower price.

Types Of Coffee Roasts

Did you know that coffee beans are roasted with dry heat and constant agitation to ensure even heating? The range of coffee roasts can vary from light golden brown to black, and the roasting time can have a significant effect on the flavor, aroma, and color of the beverage. While there are several different levels of roasting, they can be grouped into three main categories, including:

Light Roast

A light roast will provide you with the lightest, most delicate flavors. Because this type of roast requires less cooking, the original flavor of the coffee bean can easily shine through with each sip. These beans will appear to look dry, since they have not been heated to the point where their oil is extracted. Some common light roasts include Cinnamon, American, and New England Roasts.

Medium Roast

Most medium roast beans will have a chocolate brown color, and they may appear dry on the surface. These beans will have significantly less acidity than lightly roasted beans, and they may have a slightly sweet and toasty flavor. Due to their balanced flavor profile, medium roast remains to be the most popular commercial coffee on the market

Dark Roast

As you may have guessed, dark roasted coffee is the strongest of the bunch. These beans are roasted until the sugars begin to caramelize and the oils begin to rise to the surface of the bean. Depending on the darkness of the roast, these coffee beans may have a very oily appearance. While these roasts have a very low acidity, they are often described as bitter. Roasts that fall in this category may include French, Italian, and Espresso.

If you’re shopping for commercial coffee beans online, be sure to check out Perkaroma’s large online selection of coffee products. We offer coffee beans from some of the best brands on the market including Lavazza and Cafe BusteloⓇ, and we would love to help you find the perfect coffee for your office. If you have any questions about our products or you’d like to learn more about our large array of breakroom supplies and office supplies, contact us today!