Whether you’ve been running an online e-commerce store for years, or you’ve just started thinking about building your own business where you sell products online, there are many things to keep in mind. As digital technology and consumer-based purchasing continues to evolve, there are vast opportunities for businesses to improve their relevance and expand their target market. In order to do this, however, businesses must have the essential shipping and packing supplies to properly deliver their goods.

At Perkaroma, we’re passionate about helping businesses of all sizes with their managed inventory and office supply needs. Whether you’re in the market for heavy-duty boxes to ship your products or you need bubble wrap to ensure nothing gets damaged along the way, we can help you find the best shipping items for your e-commerce business. Browse our mailing boxes and tubes online or contact us with any questions you may have.

Finding The Best Boxes For Your E-Commerce Business

While it may seem obvious that your e-commerce business will require shipping boxes to succeed, this is one area that many business owners get wrong. Unless your products can fit securely in a USPS Flat Rate Box (which can sometimes be the way to go), you’re going to need a box that perfectly fits your products. Many business owners will order a standard-sized box, assuming that the money they save on buying boxes in bulk will help make up for any extra expenses when it comes to shipping. However, it’s important to remember that it’s almost always more expensive to ship an oversized box than it is to pay a little more for the right size box.

Why is this the case? Well, shipping carriers like to use what is called “dimensional weight” to determine shipping costs. If you can pack your products into a small box, you can save yourself a few dollars on shipping charges later on. If your e-commerce business only plans on selling a few select items, we highly recommend purchasing boxes that exactly fit your product.

At Perkaroma, we offer a wonderful and diverse array of boxes to help you with your shipping and packing needs. Browse our online store to start shopping for your boxes today!

Packing Materials For Your Products

Once you know what kind of boxes are best for your business, it’s time to start looking at different packing materials to ensure your items are damaged on their travels. Even if you find a shipping box that fits your product like a glove, you’ll certainly need packing materials to protect your customer’s orders. A few things to look for when choosing packing materials are:

  • Plastic bubble wrap. This is a very popular packing material because it is lightweight and inexpensive. It can also be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. At Perkaroma, we offer a wonderful array of bubble wrap to help your e-commerce business thrive. Browse our online store today.
  • Tissue paper is another common packing material that can be used to fill empty space in your shipping boxes. This can be especially helpful for content like glass and porcelain.

Perkaroma: Your Partner in Shipping Supplies

No matter what your shipping supply needs are, Perkaroma can help. In addition to our managed breakroom and inventory services, we’re proud to provide our customers with high-quality boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and other shipping supplies that they need on a daily basis. From e-commerce websites to business storefronts, we can help you find the best office supplies at the most affordable price. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, contact our friendly staff today.