Any business is only as strong and effective as its people. Great leadership and a group of dedicated, invested workers can make incredible things happen, but only if they are healthy and happy. In today’s blog entry, we wanted to look at a few of the ways that health and happiness can affect your business.

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Research Shows That Billions Are Lost to Illness Each Year

In 2018, the Integrated Benefits Institute determined that businesses in the United States lost more than $530 billion dollars over the previous year because of illnesses and missed work. This number is almost hard to understand, but you’ve probably noticed the impact that an illness has had on your office. Multiply those effects many times over, and you can start to get an idea of how big this problem is.

While the flu and cold seasons may be unavoidable, there are things you can do to reduce the impact it has on your office, including keeping your business as clean as possible, providing healthy snacks that give people vital nutrients and vitamins that can help them avoid illnesses, and encouraging people to stay home when they aren’t feeling well. It can be difficult for some people to take time off, especially if they do an important job, but let them know that their actions have consequences — coming in while sick means diminished results and it can lead to others getting sick, which will drive productivity down.

Healthier Offices Are Happier

Another benefit to keeping your office healthier is that it will keep your team happier, and happier people get more done faster than unhealthy, tired people. The Social Market Foundation found a 20% increase in productivity among workers who were happy compared to workers who were unhappy! While it is impossible to discuss everything that can make a workplace happy, there are a few affordable, easy steps you can take to help your team feel better when they are at work, including:

  • Appreciating your team’s work. Telling people when they are doing well is one of the best ways for them to know that you see how hard they work and that you appreciate it.
  • Encouraging a good life-work balance. In order for people to feel productive, they have to take a break. Encouraging your team to leave work at work in order to enjoy their time at home with their family and friends will help them show up fresh and ready to tackle any problem.
  • Providing opportunities to learn. We all have an innate desire to learn — our brains crave new information. Giving your team a chance to take on more responsibility and to learn a new skillset in the process will help you and help them.

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