People work on computers

As a business owner, part of your duties include creating and maintaining a workplace employees want to be in. At Perkaroma, we have the services and products to make that job easier on you.

We get it —  many of your duties are tied up in things impacting the company at a high level. With all the responsibilities business owners have, sometimes keeping your workplace up to date can be a burdensome and even unattainable task.

That’s where we come in. With more than 50 years of experience in the workplace refreshment and office supply business, we turn ordinary workplaces into a place employees love to be. We do it better than anyone, offering grocery, shipping, janitorial and breakroom supplies in New York & New Jersey. Here are the seven categories of goods we offer to transform your workplace.

Food & Beverage

What better way to show your employees that they’re needed and appreciated than by offering the best options on food and beverage? Not only does it make them feel valued, it also adds to workplace productivity as they stay in the office longer and are more energized throughout the day.

Perokaroma’s grocery supplies service cannot be beat. We understand the importance of keeping a healthy mind and body when working on stressful tasks, so let us help by delivering fresh fruits, bakery items, yogurt, coffee and other items that will keep your employees happy and focused on the task at hand. Shop online for the snacks and beverages your employees need to thrive, and we’ll deliver the goods to you!

Janitorial & Sanitation

Not only can the cleanliness of your workplace impact your workers’ productivity, it can have a serious effect on the outside view of your business. Keep your office clean, employees healthy and image sparkling by using Perkaroma’s cleaning supply delivery.

We offer eco-friendly cleaning products to keep your workplace in pristine condition. From natural disinfectants to smart soap dispensers and green cleaning products, everything we offer can benefit your workplace. See why we are New York and New Jersey’s go-to cleaning supply delivery company by shopping for our cleaning products online.


Think about often your business goes through necessary office supplies. Sticky notes, binder clips, staples, pens, paper, tape —  the list seemingly never ends. With so many people relying on these products to do their jobs effectively, you don’t want to slow them down.

By using Perkaroma’s office supply delivery service, you will never run out of the small things that keep your company running at an elite level. Visit us online to browse the office goods we can supply you with,


One of our main focuses at Perkaroma is relying on and keeping up with the technological advancements in the workplace. That’s how we offer unparalleled customer service and office supply delivery, but it also means we look out for your technological needs. From computer hardware and accessories to a full supply of ink cartridges and printing supplies, our products will help your company run smoothly.


No company can properly operate without the necessary furniture, and we offer everything you need to ensure the comfort and productivity of your employees. Our full supply of desks, chairs, filing cabinets and other accessories ensure your workstations will be kept in perfect shape.

We don’t stop at serving you and your employees, either. Show your clients you care about them by shopping for reception furniture and accessories to make the kind of first impression that may lead to a lifetime of business!

Power Tools

In time, things in your office will break down. There’s no way to avoid it, but there is an affordable manner to handle it. By shopping with Perkaroma, you can be ready for any projects that may arise by stocking up on the power tools you need. With cordless drills and a variety of drill bits, there’s no task Perkaroma can’t help you accomplish. 


Our industrial products solve problems that might not immediately come to your mind. Buy batteries in bulk, plumbing equipment, welding supplies and other various objects through Perkaroma’s online catalog, and we will get it to you before you need it.

With such a wide variety of products offered, Perkaroma office delivery in New York and New Jersey has you covered for all your grocery, shipping, janitorial and breakroom supply needs.