Monday morning. The day everyone dreads. Coming off of an amazing weekend full of fun in the sun, making snowmen with the kids, hiking in the mountains, a day at the lake, watching soccer and football games, skiing, visiting family, lounging around the house in your pajamas, or just watching the sun set, the last place most of us want to be is work. That’s not to say we don’t enjoy our work. Most of us just enjoy our free time more.

Imagine this scenario: you wake up and notice you slept through your alarm. You jostle the kids out of bed, take a quick shower and dress, scramble for your wares (and your kids’), and you’re out the door. You drop off the kids at school and arrive at work just in the nick of time.

Not a great start to the workweek. You’re starving and parched. You feel sluggish. You frankly feel awful. Suddenly, the aromatic, delectable scent of brewing coffee hits you. You mindlessly follow the scent. You arrive at the breakroom. There is a freshly-brewed pot of office coffee (arguably one of the best sights in the world) and fresh fruit and yogurt on the table. Suddenly, your day has just turned a corner. You fill your coffee mug (with an extra dose of sugar!) and load up on a healthy breakfast. Energized, you’re ready to tackle the day and your work. And it’s a Monday!


The scenario above happens not just on Mondays but every day of the week and more frequently than employers know. Now imagine the opposite: this same employee arrives at his or her office and there’s no coffee, no healthy snacks, and he or she brought no food. Which employee is going to be more productive?

We at Perkaroma understand the importance of breakroom supplies to employees. We have made it our business and livelihood to serve those in the New Jersey and New York area with the best breakroom supplies and office supplies, so your employees are happy, healthy, and ultimately more productive on the job.


Studies have shown that coffee in particular boosts workplace productivity. It gives you a jolt of caffeine, which keeps you more alert. This is especially important right after lunch when your stomach is full, digesting, and ready for a nap!

Coffee also strengthens the brain. The oil in coffee has anti-inflammatory agents, which keep your brain safe from stress-inducing hormones. Studies have even supported the findings that coffee boosts creativity as well.

Coffee forms bonds. If the proliferation of coffee shops in the United States and abroad is not proof enough for you, coffee fuels better social interactions (just the act of holding a cup of coffee makes you more approachable) and what better excuse to get to know employees than going for a cup of office coffee.


Healthy food also increases workplace productivity. Studies show our brains cannot concentrate effectively on an empty stomach. And the “crash-and-burn” foods high in sugars and complex carbohydrates such as donuts, bagels, and vending machine foods are another employee disaster as the boost is temporary and the fall is hard.

Our brains need the right carbohydrates (low-density) and the right sugars (all natural) instead of processed overload. Bananas, oatmeal, berries, nuts, avocados, apples, and yogurt are top choices for brain functioning.


“We build a better workplace.” This is Perkaroma’s motto as we strive daily to improve the lives of individuals who double as employees, business owners, mothers and fathers, and sisters and brothers. Life is busy and never gets any less so. We at Perkaroma want to help businesses improve their productivity by supplying their break rooms and offices with premium coffee services, hot and cold beverages, office snack services, breakroom supplies and snacks, office supplies, cleaning supplies, and shipping supplies. By letting us keep you constantly stocked, you’ll save time, effort, and energy so you can concentrate on serving your clientele.

The array of our supplies is stunning. We supply the big things such as water coolers and the little things such as coffee creamers and paper plates for the Friday pizza party. Perkaroma’s goal is to eliminate the frustration and energy leak that happens when you run out of office supplies, cleaning supplies, or breakroom supplies when you need them.


Let’s face it, humans’ lives revolve around food, drink, and work. It always has and always will. We have to eat and drink to survive. We have to work to survive as well. In this modern age, we have access to an unbelievable array of conveniences. Businesses that maximize the use of these conveniences will have happier and healthier employees. These employees are less likely to leave the company, resulting in less turn-over and less costs–which bottom-line increases revenue. These employees will also be extremely loyal and grateful to your company and will work hard to give that value back. And all because you cared to provide the little things when the little things were needed most.

We’d love to partner with you in your overarching mission to improve the lives of those around you–one cup of coffee and one banana at a time. Contact Perkaroma today!