Cooler temperatures, less daylight, and changing of the leaves means fall is in the air. You’re able to wear your leather boots, cozy sweater, and woolen scarf. Soup takes center stage as pumpkins pepper porches and the Headless Horseman lurks in the dark.

Fall is also the time of harvest. Farmers are working diligently to maximize daylight hours and get their crops in before the first freeze. Fall also brings the ripening of some of our favorite fruits, including apples.

In the New Jersey and New York areas, a favorite expedition is to the apple orchard to pick juicy, delicious apples, drink apple cider, and partake in hay rides and celebrations of a bountiful year.

But not everyone can make it to an apple orchard. That’s where Perkaroma comes in with our local grocery delivery services straight to your office.


Online grocery shopping is growing by leaps and bounds. According to CNBC News, around a quarter of American households buy some groceries online, which is an increase of 19 percent from 2014. Online grocery shopping is projected to grow five-fold over the next decade.

Peraroma recognizes the benefits of online grocery shopping, especially as it pertains to your office. No one wants to take the time to run to the grocery store when you need coffee creamer or fruit for a client meeting at 9:30 a.m. Office grocery delivery services such as those offered by Peraroma saves your business time, money, and probably most importantly, headaches and stress.


Perkaroma’s mission is to meet the basic need of food for your staff and clients in New York and New Jersey, affording you more time to focus on your business. Whether you need daily local grocery delivery services or perhaps just grocery services occasionally, Peraroma pledges to make the ordering and delivery of grocery services simple, fast, and efficient.

  • Fresh fruit. Now is the time to take advantage of all the bountiful fresh fruit from around the globe. We offer delicious apples, bananas, raspberries, strawberries, and more that are sure to conjure up happy fall memories (or make new ones!).
  • Dairy. Considering we all began life living off milk, dairy products are a must-have for your office and for your online grocery delivery. Peraroma offers up yogurt, milk, and alternative dairy solutions such as soy milk and almond milk to meet all of your staff’s and client’s dietary needs.
  • Bakery products. The aroma of freshly baked bread products bring up memories of grandma, comfort food, Thanksgiving, and other family get-togethers that form the fabric of life. In fact, according to research, the smell of bread is almost universally loved because it’s an “odor-cued memory” food, which means it takes people back in time to very specific times in their childhood. If you want a happy staff and happy clients, order some of our bagels, crumb cakes, or muffins via our online grocery delivery service today!


In today’s world, we’re all busy. We all fulfill a half-dozen or more roles in our lives and demands on our time often put us in a pinch. And what’s the first to go when we’re pulled in a million different directions? Self care. The pair of pants gets worn twice. The shower skipped. The hair lives in a perpetual ponytail. The five o’clock shadow starts looking more like seven or eight o’clock. The biggest self-care item that gets skipped is meals and food. We’re just too busy to eat anything or if we do eat, to choose healthy foods instead of fast food.

This is exactly the void Perkaroma wants to fill. When employees show up on a hectic morning because the kids refused to get out of bed, the dog vomited on your new wood floors, or a traffic accident caused major delays on the commute to work to a plate of fresh fruit, yogurt, and coffee awaiting them, a calming effect washes over them. When clients show up to apples, pumpkin spice coffee or tea, and bagels of an assorted variety and they had an equally eventful morning packed full of what makes life varied, odds are good you’ll close the deal.

After having eaten of our fresh-baked goodness that evokes happy memories from our online grocery delivery, your employees will not only be more productive, but they will also be happier and be more grateful for all that you do. You will hold more favor in your clients’ eyes and be more likely to develop and maintain long-term client relationships. These days there’s just not enough goodwill toward others. By meeting an essential basic need, your business will thrive.

Peraroma wants to excel in the little things like local grocery delivery services, so you can excel in the big things by servicing your clients’ needs. Contact us today for all your options!