Picture of Pepsi cans

As a business owner, you make sure to keep up with and even get ahead of the trends in your industry whenever possible. Why should that be any different than trends in the workplace? Vending machines used to be an effective way to please employees and enhance the workplace, but there is plenty of room for improvement.

At Perkaroma, we have perfected the vending machine alternative by offering convenience stations through a program called Social Feedia. It’s more affordable for employers, offers more options for employees and fosters workplace unity by giving everyone a chance to grab a snack without leaving the office. Continue reading to learn why installing a convenience station is the best move for your business.

Time And Money

Offering your employees snack and beverage options has never been easier than it is with Perkaroma’s Social Feedia program. With the program, we will install a marketplace-like convenience station and stock it with food and drinks for your employees to pay for.

Each station includes a snack rack with a pre-planned menu of top brands and healthy alternatives and a beverage cooler with a variety of drinks including Pepsi products, Starbucks coffee, iced teas, water and more. Plus, the station comes with a payment system, which allows employees to pay using their smartphones. Don’t worry about hiring someone to come stock your office vending machine. Instead, trust Perkaroma to install and restock your convenience station with ease.

Healthier, Extensive Options

There are only so many options you can pack into a vending machine. With our convenience stations, we can stock more options to ensure even the pickiest employees are satisfied with their snacking options. With top brands complemented by healthy alternatives in both food and beverage, employee morale will improve as they are happier throughout the day.

Workplace Unity And Productivity

We make sure to give your break room a lift by offering a place people can interact during their breaks. By offering more options, workers are more likely to stay in the office rather than travel elsewhere. Not only does this enhance workplace unity, it also increases production as employees are fresh, energized and returning to work quickly.

As a bonus, snacks and beverages have been found to enhance the workplace experience. By using Perkaroma’s Social Feedia program, you are investing in the happiness and productivity of your workplace.

Convenient Payment

In an increasingly cashless world, there’s no reason your employees should need to carry around cash just for snacks at work. When you partner with Perkaroma, everyone in the office benefits from our payment app. The Social Feedia app allows people to easily and conveniently pay for their food and beverages with their smartphone. 

As an added bonus, employers can also subsidize employee purchases through the app, which you can also be used to vote for favorite snacks and offer suggestions for the next restock. 

It’s time for you to invest in your employees and ditch the hassle that comes with vending machines. If you are interested in Perkaroma’s office refreshment services, reach out today to have your convenience station installed.