The grocery store is one of the places, like the dentist, that many people want to avoid at all costs. But it’s also one of the places that needs to be frequented the most. However efficiently you can plan meals and gather ingredients throughout a week, it always seems that you forget at least one thing, run out of something, or a picky eater in your family decides that they don’t like macaroni and cheese anymore, the meal planned for tonight. So, to the grocery store you go, having to ease your way through the parking lot, navigating the busy produce section, side stepping grocery carts, trying to safely step up on a shelf to reach the item that you need on the highest shelf, and then trying to determine which check out lane is the fastest.

The grocery store is a web of strangely organized foods and goods that suck up time, making you wonder how it all works, and asking yourself, “isn’t there a better way?”

Save Time at the Grocery Store with Perkaroma

Think of all of the things in your office that employees use: pens, paper, mouse pads, envelopes, storage boxes, badges, desk organizers, shredders, staplers, as well as the snacks and food they eat. And imagine an easy all-in-one store where you can get all of these grocery supplies and more. And being able to place an order and have everything delivered straight to your office. Imagine having a personal shopper for your entire building. This is what Perkaroma is all about!

How to Save Time at the Grocery Store

Make a List

Possibly the biggest thing you can do to help save time and money when you’re at the grocery store is to prepare before you even get in the car to go. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, you and one other person, or a family of six, think ahead and make a plan for the meals you want to have for the next week. When meal planning, you’ll also want to consider any leftovers you may have so that you don’t buy too much and end up with food going bad.

When you know what meals you’re going to have, make a detailed list of all of the ingredients for each meal. Include bigger proteins, the smaller ingredients that go into the larger meal, sides, and seasonings. And when it makes sense, consider buying in bulk to save money.

Prioritize by Department

Navigating the store and not knowing where to find something is one of the most frustrating parts of grocery shopping. But when you can prioritize your list by department, you won’t find yourself walking from one end of the store to the other quite as often. Start with getting all of the dry goods first. Then swing by the produce section to make sure you’re getting in fresh fruits and vegetables. And finish the trip with any cold or frozen items. Shop in this order so that refrigerated items can stay cool for as long as possible.

Go to the Same Store

Strangely enough, different locations of the same grocery store can be laid out differently, making the maze even harder. To help familiarize yourself with where items can be found, go to the same store for each grocery supplies trip. When you know which aisle your favorite kind of canned tomato is, you can even make a note on your grocery list next to that item.

Look at the Signs

When you simply can’t find something you’re looking for, don’t just wander down each aisle hoping it’s there. Many grocery stores will have a sign at the end of each aisle giving a general list of goods that can be found in that aisle. So if you’re looking for coffee, you won’t have to walk down the entire baking goods aisle just to find that it’s three aisles down.

Stay Calm

Grocery stores are known for being busy, and unless you want to get up right when they open or stay up super late, the masses of shoppers are hard to avoid. This can lead to significant stress and anxiety, especially when you’re in a hurry and already frustrated from the overcrowded parking lot. Trying to walk quickly in a grocery store is similar to driving on a backed up highway and always switching lanes right as the one you left picks up speed. Instead of trying to wiggle your way through a tangle of overflowing shopping carts, take a breath, and let the mess unwind by itself, which it always does within a few seconds.

Check Out

Playing the game of which checkout lane is fastest is like playing the lottery. Even though it may not feel like it, it’s often best to simply pick one right away and stick with it. Try to avoid walking back and forth looking at which shopping carts are less full and which cashiers look the fastest. Just pick a lane, grab a magazine and flip through it while you wait.

How to Skip the Grocery Store Entirely

Perkaroma offers thousands of grocery store supplies that you can easily get from one single place and have it delivered directly to you. Want some yogurt and granola for breakfast? Or want to snack on a KIND health bar when you’re trying to fight the afternoon drag? Do you need coffee delivered right to your breakroom? Or even if your office is in need of some office or breakroom supplies, we have it all!

When you’re planning a list of what to bring to work to snack on during the week, throw the list out and sign up with Perkaroma. Your whole office can be supplied with healthy, nutritional foods that you would have to spend hours finding at the store and not to mention, could cost hundreds of dollars. Our grocery store supplies are affordable, easy to find, and your orders can even be automatic so that you never have to make a list again!

We understand that the grocery store can be a mess, it’s stressful, and it’s expensive! And Perkaroma is the solution! Learn more about our grocery supplies delivery services and sign up today.