When it comes to boosting morale in the office, most employees will say that free food and drinks are at the top of their list. As young companies like Google and Facebook learn the benefits of providing their employees with healthy snacks and meals throughout the day, other businesses are catching on to the benefits of offering perks like this in the workplace.

Facebook: Offering Healthy Food Options To Employees

Facebook’s fancy New York office has found a way to fuel innovation and creativity in the office with the help of its onsite cafe, Desimone’s. Here, employees can grub on a plethora of healthy food items such as vegetarian sandwiches, locally-grown fruits and vegetables, and an impeccable salad bar.

According to Desimone’s head chef, Nathaniel Eckhaus, “[All businesses are] looking for ways to increase productivity, recruit the best and offer a benefit that the employees will perceive as a huge benefit. Why not cross all three off the list in one single swipe and do it through food?”

Hasbro: Healthy Eating Done Right

The famous toy company Hasbro is most known for its characters like My Little Pony and the Transformers, but their commitment to the health and wellness of its employees isn’t a game. At Hasbro, employees have the option of taking hands-on workshops that revolve around healthy eating during their lunch break. They also have an onsite cafeteria where people can pick up healthy options during the day. The company even offers subscription boxes of fresh veggies from local farmers markets to its employees.

When asked why the company provides such stellar food benefits to its employees, the Executive Vice President Dolph Johnson says, “We recognize that our employees are our greatest strength and most valuable asset, so we’re deeply committed to supporting the health and well-being of our people.”

Google: The Home Of Gourmet Meals

Google is the mecca of free food for its employees. The company’s headquarters offers a wonderful selection of food for its employees 24 hours a day. Whether you’re in the mood for trail mix, gourmet meals, or a simple cup of fruit, you’re sure to find it at Google. With an emphasis on healthy eating, the company has made a point of storing sugary snacks and sodas out of sight. This leaves more space for fresh fruit, vegetables, and juices.

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