Vending machines are notorious for supplying people with a variety of candy, typically chocolate bars, an assortment of chips, cookies, and possibly a few baked good options depending on the quality of the vending machine. Nearly none of these traditional vending machine items have any nutritional benefits other than fat and calories. No, peanuts in peanut M&Ms don’t count.

Vending machines are also nearly everywhere: schools, offices, hospitals, airports, apartment complexes, shopping malls, hotels, and even, surprisingly (or maybe not so), grocery stores. Even when people aren’t even hungry or looking for anything to eat, they will pass a machine, take a look inside, and contemplate what they could get, simply just to snack. And when people are snacking, sometimes unnecessarily, on unhealthy grab-and-go items, this can clearly create a variety of health issues.

Employees in office spaces, in particular, suffer from vending machine dependence. Many times, employees will simply get up and grab something from the machine just to avoid working on a task. The strange hunger that develops when a challenging or boring task is facing us is a mystery not soon to be solved.

What to Do When Vending Machine Dependence is Winning

What if we told you that instead of having to choose between a dry Pop-Tart or a fat-filled Snickers bar, you could choose between a pack of veggies and cheese with ranch and a handful of blueberries? Or that instead of choosing between a Twix bar and a blueberry muffin that you’re not sure how old it is, that you could choose between a container of Chobani yogurt and a KIND health bar. What if we told you that you could have thousands more options than just the 40 to 50 items in a vending machine?

Well, you can!

Perkaroma wants to help your office space ditch the vending machine for grocery supplies delivered right to your building. Our grocery delivery service makes it easy and healthy for you to satisfy the biggest cravings when you’re at work and forgot to bring extra snacks from home. We offer over 50,000 products, including fresh fruits and veggies, dairy, freshly baked bagels, muffins, and so much more.

We’ll Customize When Your Grocery Supplies Are Delivered

When you work with Perkaroma, we will work to learn what your office likes, so we can recommend certain items. We also make it easy for you to get what you want, when you want it. If you want a delivery every day, every Friday, or every other Tuesday, we can do that for you! Our checkout process is simple and quick.

  • Morning Meetings: Ditch the donuts and give your employees a healthy alternative.
  • Conferences: Impress potential clients with a display of baked goods that were made that morning.
  • Busy Days: Don’t have time to run to the store? We’ll do it for you.

We Can Manage Your Inventory

If you have a supply of snacks at your office, we’ll make sure that you’re never out of your favorite items. You’ll never have to worry about a packaged muffin sitting on the shelf for too long, wondering if it’s still safe to eat. Providing your employees with fresh alternatives to vending machine candy has never been easier. Our automatic restocking service fills in any gaps to make sure that your supply is full and ready to go.

If your office is located anywhere in the New York or New Jersey area, Perkaroma wants to help your office stay healthy, save time and money, be more productive, and more! We’re passionate about providing a better solution to the vending machine! And if you’re starting to think that the vending machine has seen better days, it’s true. With Perkaroma, you can say goodbye to sliding coins into the machine and hoping a bag of chips falls to the bottom. You can rely on healthy, affordable, and consistent grocery supplies being delivered to our office.