Snacking smart at work can be a challenge. While you could walk over to the vending machine for a sugary, mid-afternoon snack, you know that eating a candy bar will just put you to sleep in an hour.

Luckily, companies like Perkaroma exist so you never have to find yourself in this predicament. As a leading provider of breakroom supplies and office supplies in New York and New Jersey, we help businesses keep their inventory on track, so you don’t run out of paper or printer ink before a big conference meeting.

In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the best snacks you can provide to your employees to keep them alert, healthy, and happy.

Snack #1: Heart-Healthy Almonds

Looking for a snack that your employees can grab on-the-go? Consider ordering almonds for your breakroom. There are many benefits to this powerful tree nut, and it ranks among one of the highest nuts in fiber, protein, and vitamin E. Almonds are full of antioxidants and good, monounsaturated fatty acids, which both support heart health and can prevent various cardiovascular issues from developing. Almonds have also been shown to have a significant impact on the durability and strength of your bones and teeth.

According to Joan Salge Blake, author of “Nutrition & You,” as well as a clinical associate professor at Boston University, “In a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1.5 ounces of almonds (about 35 nuts) consumed as a snack daily for four weeks helped to suppress hunger between meals. How? Because the fiber, protein and healthy unsaturated fats in nuts all contribute to satiety, or that feeling of fullness.”

As you can see, offering your employees almonds to snack on throughout the day will not only benefit their health, but also their brain power and feelings of fullness. At Perkaroma, we offer a diverse selection of almonds for the office. Browse our online store today!

Snack #2: Fiber-Rich Dried Fruit

While fresh fruit can be a wonderful breakroom snack option, dried fruit offers some advantages. Not only does dried fruit have a longer shelf-life than fresh fruit, making it great to store in your breakroom cabinets, it offers a tremendous amount of fiber. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, fiber is a key element when it comes to helping your digestive system, and it can even prevent obesity and some forms of cancer. With little to no fat, dried fruit can be used as a natural source of energy, helping employees overcome that two-o’clock lull.

Snack #3: Energy Bars That Actually Give You Energy

Business owners across New York and New Jersey are supplying their employees with healthy energy bars to keep them alert and happy throughout the day. As you shop for energy bars to bring to the office, make sure you read the nutritional facts on the label. Some energy bars are packed with sugar and unhealthy ingredients, so you want to make sure you’re not grabbing just another sugary treat. At Perkaroma, we carry a wonderful selection of CLIF® bars, Balance bars, and PowerBars.

Office Snack Services In New York & New Jersey

To truly show your employees that you care about them, why not sign up for an office snack delivery service with Perkaroma? We offer a wonderful array of health snack items for your breakroom, including:

  • Organic and non-organic fresh fruit and yogurt
  • Single-serve dried fruits, nuts, and trail mixes
  • Healthy energy bars and meal replacement bars

If you need help building a better workplace for your employees, contact the professionals at Perkaroma today. From breakroom supplies to grocery delivery services and shipping supplies, we’ve got you covered.