No matter how big or small a company may be, one thing remains true: office supplies are a necessity. Anyone who works in or manages a business should understand the importance of a well-stocked breakroom or supply closet. If you find yourself constantly having to run to the store for printer paper, ink cartridges, folders, or mailing supplies, you’re wasting a good amount of your workday trying to keep up with the demands of your office. If you’re looking for new strategies to help you manage your office and breakroom supplies, keep reading to learn more.

If you work in the New York or New Jersey area and you need help managing your office supplies, connect with the team at Perkaroma today. We offer more than 50,000 quality products for your office supply closet or breakroom, and we can help you stay on top of your inventory so you can focus on running your business. Interested in learning more? Contact us today!


Limit Access To Your Supply Closet

To truly stay on top of your office supplies, you’ll need to limit the access to your supply closet. While you may feel that keeping it accessible at all times will do wonders for your employees, it can actually hurt you in the long run. When you let your employees retrieve supplies whenever they want or need them, it can leave you up a creek without a paddle when Patty takes the last batch of printer paper and doesn’t tell anybody.

To combat this issue, you can consider implementing a log that employees must fill out every time they need to get something from the supply closet. This will let your managers know what items are on-hand when, and it will give them a heads up with your printer cartridges start to run low.

Another way to limit access to your supply closet is to partner with Perkaroma for your office supply needs. We understand that it can be a hassle to stay on top of ordering, reordering, and maintaining your office inventory. That’s why we offer comprehensive supply management services to make your job significantly easier. When you sign up for our automatic restocking program, you’ll be given a dedicated tablet with proprietary software that you can use in your office. Employees can also use their tablet or cell phone to scan various items which will trigger product reordering at custom intervals. Once we receive your order, we’ll come to your place of business with the correct items and replenish your office supply closet and breakroom for you.

Our automatic restocking services include:

  • Automatic inventorying of your breakroom and office supplies using proprietary app technology
  • In-office shelf and breakroom restocking services
  • Seasonal fruit and snack rotation
  • Coffee rotation of premium brands and single origin coffees
  • Product consumption analysis to help you replace less popular items
  • Budget analysis and product recommendations to keep your wallet and employees happy

Track Inventory Levels

If you currently don’t have a process in place to track your office’s inventory levels, we highly recommend doing so. Some New York and New Jersey companies will rationalize their behavior when it comes to tracking their inventory levels. Some may say they don’t have time to do so. Others may claim it won’t save them money down the line, but the reality is, it will.

The main reason behind tracking inventory levels is to ensure you’re buying exactly what you need when you need it. There’s not much sense behind ordering 100,000 envelopes if you think you’ll eventually use them. You want to avoid over-purchasing supplies. Rather, focus on ordering the correct volumes at the right time so your office doesn’t experience a standstill the next time you’re low on writing utensils. To put this into more perspective, consider the cost of losing half a day’s worth of work simply because you had to run out and grab a few ballpoint pens.

Group Office Supplies Together

To keep your office supply closet clean and tidy, we highly recommend grouping like-items and supplies together. For example, you can designate one area of your office supply closet to hold paper products, while another area can be devoted to computer and printer supplies. The more detailed approach you take, the better off you’ll be.

First In, First Out (FIFO)

FIFO is an accounting acronym for “first in, first out”. It is used for reporting the value of inventory, especially when it comes to making sure the items that were purchased first are used first. This can also be an excellent way to make sure your office supplies aren’t getting too old or stale. This can be especially important when it comes to printer ink, as it can dry out, and paper, as it can turn yellow over time. When you order extra office supplies, make sure you shelve it directly behind the older products. This way, when an employee enters the supply closet for paper, they’ll take the oldest paper first.

Clearly Delegate Responsibilities

If you choose to manage your office inventory without the help of Perkaroma, it’s important to clearly delegate responsibilities among your employees. Who is responsible for keeping track of office supplies when something goes awry? By putting at least one person in charge of ordering all of your office supplies, you’ll always know who to go to when you run out of shipping supplies or staples. Tell the rest of your staff to simply email the designated office supply person when they need reorders or supplies.

While you can keep your office supply management internal, delegating and outsourcing these needs can be a huge help. Not only will your business not have to worry about ordering, reordering, and maintaining your office supply closet, it’ll free up your staff’s time so they can focus on improving your bottom line.

Perkaroma: Your Inventory Management Partner In New York & New Jersey

If you work in New York or New Jersey and you need assistance with your office inventory management, contact the professionals at Perkaroma today. From premium coffee services to office snack delivery and office supplies, we can help your business stay on top of its inventory needs.