If you’re a small business owner in New Jersey or New York, you’ve probably had to deal with inventory management issues before. Office supplies can cost a good amount of money, and spending too much money on things like office furniture, paper, pens, and electronics can leave your business in a pile of unwanted debt. Keeping your office inventory under control will not only loosen up room in your budget, but it will also ensure that your employees have all of the supplies they need, when they need it.

At Perkaroma, we understand how critical it is to keep your office supply inventory under control. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping businesses across New York and New Jersey manage their office supplies, cleaning supplies, and breakroom supplies at an affordable cost. In addition to providing our clients with the best office and breakroom products, we also offer a managed service for panty restocking to ensure you have all of the office necessities you need. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, contact our professionals today.

In this blog, we’ll look at someinventory management tips for your small business, so you can keep your internal costs low and your employees happy.

Tip #1: Limit Access To The Supply Closet 

One of the first things you should do to ensure your office supply inventory is under control is to limit the amount of access to the supply closet. While you may feel that an open supply closet is a more convenient option for your employees, this can lead to a variety of issues down the line. When your employees are allowed to retrieve office paper, pens, ink cartridges, and other items whenever they like, it can result in a very inefficient method of inventory management.

One major issue with an open supply closet is tracking. When your employees have the freedom to take whatever items they need at any given time, you will lose the ability to manage your supplies effectively. Some companies create a log, where their employees can write down which items they take from the supply closet and when. However, it’s important to note that this method also proves to be inefficient. More often than not, employees are not properly trained on how to track office supplies, or they will neglect to log what they take due to being rushed or by simply forgetting.

When you make one person or a small team of people responsible for tracking and monitoring your office supplies, it will allow your company to keep a closer eye on inventory. It will also prevent stealing among your employees.

Tip #2: When in Doubt: FIFO

FIFO is an acronym that stands for first out. It is often used in the accounting world for reporting the value of inventory and this method ensures that the office supplies that were purchased first are used first, so the value remains accurate. Many small business owners utilize FIFO, as it is a smart way to make sure your office and breakroom supplies are not becoming old or obsolete. This is a wonderful method for reducing waste and keeping your inventory fresh.

At Perkaroma, we love helping small to large businesses manage their office supplies, breakroom supplies, and cleaning supplies. We offer a rewards program on every dollar that you spend tohelp keep your inventory costs at an all-time low. If you’re interested in learning more about our managed inventory services, contact our team today!

Tip #3: Grouping Inventory Products

Another method that can be used to help track your office supplies is grouping. For example, if you order office supplies like paper, pens, envelopes, sticky notes, and permanent markers, keep them all in one designated place. This will not only make your office supplies easier to find, it will make things easier to track.

Tip #4: Automatic Reorders

If you find that your employees burn through coffee cups, straws, sugar packets, or other breakroom supplies, you may want to consider setting up an automatic ordering system with your supplier. Many office supply companies offer discounts for customers who continuously reorder items from them, which means that this could even save you money down the line.

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