Woman smiles during meeting with man

Company culture is more than just how employees interact at work. Think about the last time you met someone and learned what they do for a living. No matter how long or brief the conversation lasted, chances are you could tell a substantial amount about their company from that chat.

If they acted defeated and uninterested when describing their work, that reflects directly on their company in a poor manner. On the other hand, if you could tell they genuinely cared about their profession, there’s a high probability you walked away with a positive impression of them and their company.

This all starts with company culture. If you promote growth, interactivity and passion in a meaningful way with your employees in the workplace, they are more likely to reciprocate those values throughout their everyday life. This two-way relationship improves the success of everyone in your company.

At Perkaroma, we offer the business delivery services in New York and New Jersey to get you started on creating a sparkling company culture. Read more to learn why our office delivery company is the perfect complement for your office culture.

Spend less time ordering, more time interacting

One of the biggest tells of a company’s culture is how the employees interact with the business owner. It’s no surprise that the more time a business owner takes to connect to their employees, the stronger that relationship becomes. This builds trust between workers and managers as everyone begins to buy into the company’s vision together.

You have enough things to worry about when running a company; why add supply restocking to the list? When you trust Perkaroma’s automatic office restocking services, you spend less time filling your office with the necessaries. Take advantage of this extra time by building up your relationships with employees around you to foster company culture.

Improve morale and productivity

A happier office leads to stronger culture throughout a company, and what better way to make your workers happy than ensuring they have access to food and beverage throughout a day of work? With Perkaroma’s grocery delivery supplies and automatic restocking service, we offer more than 50,000 quality products for your employees to enjoy.

Let us supply your morning board meeting with a fresh array of fruit delivery; trust us to install a convenience station in your breakroom to replace the outdated vending machine; choose from a wide array of coffee delivery services to make everyone happier at work. 

Plus, you’ll see a boost in productivity from your employees as their brains and bodies are energized with nutritious snacking options. As morale and productivity continue to rise, so will your company’s culture!

Show you are invested

It can be easy for business owners to lose sight of things going on at different levels of the company. Without realizing it, this can make it appear as though they are uninterested in employees when that is not the case.

By partnering with Perkaroma for your office supply needs, you can show your employees just how much they mean to the company. Whether it be ensuring they have access to a much-needed cup of coffee, giving them a clean workspace to operate in or offering them an afternoon snack, this ongoing system builds company culture.

Perkaroma is the most comprehensive delivery service for your business in New York and New Jersey. Call us today to set up our delivery service so you can get started in creating the best company culture possible.