Steaming coffee mug sitting on plate surrounded by coffee beans

Earlier in the blog, we discussed the health benefits that drinking coffee can have on your mind and body, both during work and in your personal life. From reducing the risk of stroke to improving your focus throughout a day of work, coffee lovers can rejoice in the fact that their favorite little pick-me-up is doing more for their health than they thought.

Everyone has their favorite type of coffee, though. With so many choices, it can become easy to stick with your favorite and neglect the other tasty options. With Perkaroma’s office coffee delivery service in New York and New Jersey, you can ensure your employees have the ability to drink their go-to coffee while also offering them new options. 

It’s no surprise, either, that each kind of coffee drink comes with different advantages. Learn more about the benefits of the various categories below to decide which coffee drinks you want to bring to your office through Perkaroma.


If you need a quick jolt of energy, espresso is for you. Usually the smallest coffee drink in size, espresso packs all the punch of a normal-sized coffee into a drink no more than 2 ounces in size. Aside from the normal health benefits of coffee, drinking espresso is one of the most health-conscious options of your favorite caffeinated beverage.

Low in calories, espresso allows you to get the energy you need without weighing you down. That makes it the perfect way to start your day, and also offers a guilt-free afternoon boost of vigor. It’s also high in a number of antioxidants which help fight infections and allergies. As you’ll learn later, it’s also the base for many other coffee types. Give your employees the boost they need to stay productive by ordering premium espresso through Perkaroma.


A combination of espresso, hot milk and steamed foam, cappuccinos pack some serious flavor into your coffee. Oftentimes aided with syrup flavors including peppermint, caramel and vanilla, the mixture has become a popular choice for coffee enthusiasts. 

Aside from the delicious taste, cappuccinos are advantageous to your health in a variety of ways. Studies have shown that the drink prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol which leads to lower risk of heart ailments. Consumption has also been found to lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes and stroke. Invest in the health of your employees with a cappuccino delivery service through Perkaroma.


Similar to the cappuccino in ingredients, a latte has a higher percentage of milk than its Italian family member. Though each is crafted with espresso, the mixture of milk and foam gives lattes a more subtle, creamy taste.

With similar ingredients, lattes and cappuccinos offer many of the same health benefits, including acting as a fat-burning aid. The mixture of milk and foam allows for many offshoots of lattes, too. Turmeric, matcha and chai lattes are popular substitutes to a traditional espresso-based latte, each coming with unique advantages.


For those with a sweet tooth, drinking Mochas in moderation can both satisfy your craving while supplementing your productivity. Brewed primarily using mocha coffee beans from the arabica plant, mochas combine coffee and chocolate to provide a sweet kick of vitality.

The combination of the two ingredients offers an extra boost of alertness. In fact, studies show that when combined, the two lead to higher attention levels and lower anxiety than either ingredient by itself. Plus, you receive the vast benefits of cocoa with its inclusion in your drink, including blood pressure reduction, lower risk of heart attack and increased blood flow to the brain.

Cold Brew

To be sure, there’s nothing wrong about a nice steaming cup of coffee on a warm day. But if you’ve ever experienced the refreshing chill of a cold brew coffee that still includes all the flavor and benefits of normal coffee, chances are that might become your go-to.

In addition to its refreshing value, cold brew coffee actually contains more antioxidants than coffee brewed at a higher temperature. Made from steeping coffee beans in room-temperature water for longer periods of time, the cold brew process maintains some of the beans’ antioxidants which get lost at hot temperatures.

At Perkaroma, we offer cold brew coffee on tap so your employees can soak up all of its value. If you want to invest in the well-being and productivity of your office, call Perkaroma today for your office coffee services in New York and New Jersey.